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The Jewish Art Salon is an international artist-driven community that strives to promote understanding and appreciation of contemporary and innovative Jewish visual art. It uses the power of collaboration to provide important resources and programs that develop lasting partnerships with the global art community and the general public.
Since 2008 it has promoted contemporary art exploring Jewish themes and related to current issues. The Jewish Art Salon builds community, as well as produces events. It organizes dynamic exhibits, inter-active art events, and (in the New York area) bi-monthly salon sessions engaging international artists and scholars, in order to create an appreciation for cutting-edge Jewish art.

Collaborate with us! Email for details how you can get involved, or donate to help create programs and exhibits.

The Jewish Art Salon has partnered with:
Museums: Yeshiva University Museum, The Jewish Museum, HUC-Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art, Holocaust Memorial Center.
NY Galleries: Flomenhaft Gallery, Anne Frank Center USA, Ernest Rubinstein Gallery, Central Booking Gallery.
Jewish Organizations: UJA-NY, Skirball Center of Adult Jewish Learning, JCC Manhattan, Columbia / Barnard Kraft Center, COJECO, LABA, Art Kibbutz, RJeneration, JCC Hartford, Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, Tribeca Synagogue for the Arts, B'chol Lashon, Charter Oak Cultural Center, Aleph Institute.

For the past six years the Jewish Art Salon has functioned as a Jewish Art community, providing a range of meetings, events and opportunities, including:

  • Six major exhibitions (Faith & Form at the Anne Frank Center USA in NYC, Tzelem at Stanton Street, Seduced by the Sacred in Hartford, CT, Dura Europos Project in Philadelphia, Dura II at the UJA in New York, Silent Witnesses: Synagogues Transformed, Rebuilt or Abandoned (collaboration with the Cultural Heritage Artists Project and Jwalks) at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Detroit, Text / Context at the Columbia / Barnard Kraft Center in New York, and several solo exhibits at the Kraft Center, as well as many other exhibition opportunities for our members;
  • Recommendations of artists to museums & galleries;
  • Panel discussions, interactive art sessions & educational lectures; these connect with audiences of diverse ages and backgrounds.
  • A vibrant website and keeping you informed of events, exhibitions and opportunities in countless emails and via our social media channels;
  • Enabling you to tap into a global network of expertise, experience, and support, as well as network with other artists and professionals;
  • Active promotion of members’ work to curators, collectors, art historians, writers.
  • Press coverage for many of our artist members.

New Initiatives
  • JOMIXJewish Comics and their Art; art exhibit at the UJA Federation, NYC, Feb 27-May 11, 2015.
  • LASHON HARA: On the Consequences of Hate Speech; art exhibit by Robin Atlas; Anne Frank Center USA, Dec 3-Feb 27, 2015.
  • We are currently preparing several tightly-curated group exhibits in New York and elsewhere. More info and calls for art will go out later. Also 3 solo exhibits at the Anne Frank Center in NYC.
  • A Speakers/Presenters Bureau, which brings the members of the Jewish Art Salon into dialogue with the larger community. The Speakers Bureau is a forum for the public to find lecturers for museums, synagogues, universities, and public institutions throughout the world. Our speakers will provide sessions with a wide range of topics and approaches.
  • We will be building a new & improved website, which will feature Fellow artists, 3 of their images, their contact info, links to their website, and keywords to describe their work and media.
  • We are strengthening our connections with other art communities in the USA and Israel, and we will be working on collaborative projects.
  • We do outreach programs through art, connecting people of all backgrounds with Jewish heritage and culture.

Our promotional efforts have resulted in many artists' works being placed in museum and gallery exhibits by outside curators, being selected for art commissions, and receiving mentions in the press and  art publications.

Exhibitions in planning
Jerusalem Biennale 2015
The Golden Haggadah Paradigm. (working title)
3 Solo exhibits at the Anne Frank Center USA, NYC. 
Transcending History: Moving beyond the Legacy of Slavery and the Holocaust.

Past presentations and lectures include:
In New York: Flomenhaft Gallery; Yeshiva University Museum; Skirball Center of Adult Jewish Learning; JCC Manhattan; UJA Federation; Limmud NY, Columbia / Barnard Kraft Center. 
Elsewhere: Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art; The Holocaust Memorial Center in Detroit, the AJS Conference in Chicago.

Panel discussions have covered topics such as Jewish Diversity in Art, Jewish Identity, Imagery after Abstraction, Jewish Feminism, Narratives in Contemporary Jewish Art, and Contemporary Interpretations of the Dura Europos Project. 

Interactive projects included the Jazz/ Art/ Poetry workshop with poet Jake Marmer and musicians Greg Wall, Jon Madoff & others.

Advisory Board
  • Matthew Baigell, Art Historian, Author
  • Tom Freudenheim, Museum Consultant, Writer, Lecturer
  • Wendi Furman, Director, Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art
  • Tobi Kahn, Artist, Avodah Arts, Skirball Center
  • Laura Kruger, Senior Curator, HUC Museum
  • Patricia Eszter Margit, Founder / Director, Art Kibbutz NY
  • Ellen Premack, Director, Mizel Museum
  • Aaron Rosen,  Lecturer in Sacred Traditions & the Arts, King's College. Curator Jewish Museum, London, UK
  • Cynthia Beth Rubin, Artist, Cultural Heritage Artists Project
  • Ben Schachter, Artist, Writer, Saint Vincent College
  • Ori Z. Soltes, Professorial Lecturer, Author, Georgetown University

Executive Committee

Yona Verwer Executive Director
Rachel Kanter Co-Treasurer
Robert Kirschbaum Co-Treasurer
Richard McBee Secretary
Siona Benjamin
Miriam S. Weiler
Joel Silverstein
Elke Reva Sudin