March 14 panel at Yeshiva University Museum

Panel, March 14, 6 to 7:30 p.m.

The Jewish Art Salon, in cooperation with Yeshiva University Museum, presents Dura Europos: Then and Now - Contemporary Appropriations of Biblical Themes.

Steven Fine, professor of Jewish history, YU;
Ori Z. Soltes, professor of theology and fine arts, Georgetown University;
Joel Silverstein, artist, writer, curator, Dura Europos Project;
Richard McBee, artist, writer, curator, Dura Europos Project

Discussion of the contemporary paintings of the Dura Europos Project, currently shown at the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art, in relation to the synagogue paintings from 3rd century Dura Europos.

Yeshiva University Museum, Kovno Room
15 West 16th Street, N.Y./212-294-8330. Admission free. Open to the public.
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6:00-6:05 - Welcome: Yona Verwer, President Jewish Art Salon
6:05-6:10 - Introduction: Jacob Wisse, Director Yeshiva University Museum
6:10-6:20 - Dura: Subjects, Themes, Styles - Steven Fine
6:20-6:30 - Contemporary Jewish Art and Biblical Subjects - Ori Z. Soltes
6:30-7:20 - Today and then: Panel Discussion moderated by Joel Silverstein
7:20-7:30 - Questions and Answers moderated by Richard McBee


  1. Look forward to be there, bivrakhah, Shoshannah Brombacher

  2. Dear Friends,
    being in the Judean hills near Jerusalem,I'am with you from here.Please, take a stroll in my small but multipaths/galleries virtual garden/site:
    especially relevant galleries to the Dura subject:
    "Roots" and "Visionary art"
    with blessings,