"United (Jewish) Artists" by Aaron Rosen features the Jewish Art Salon

Ben Schachter - Eruv Map
Hadassah Magazine published an article on the contemporary Jewish art scene in its December 2013 issue. The Jewish Art Salon is mentioned several times, along with JAS' artists and advisors. 

Featured are Jewish Art Salon co-founder / executive director Yona Verwer, along with our member and founder of the Los Angeles based Jewish Artists Initiative Ruth Weisberg, artist Siona Benjamin, and Jacqueline Nicholls who started the London Jewish Artists Salon. In addition, four of our Advisors, artists Tobi Kahn, Ben Schachter and Cynthia Beth Rubin, and Art Kibbutz Founder Patricia Eszter Margit, are featured as well. 

The author, Aaron Rosen, Ph.D., is lecturer in Sacred Traditions & the Arts at King’s College London. He is currently working on a book on religion in 21st-century art for Thames and Hudson as well as an edited volume called "Religion and Art in the Heart of Modern Manhattan", forthcoming from Ashgate.

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Jacqueline Nicholls - Torah Kittel

Participants in Art Kibbutz carry the 'Shema: Listen' wooden sculpture.
 Photograph by Paul R. Solomon

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