#ReCatalyze Zeek Magazine

Zeek has featured many Jewish Art Salon members' art & writing over the years. Help them start 2014 as a strong, sustainable magazine.

You know how there's always that moment when a small act can have a big impact? For Zeek, that moment is now. 

"Zeek is a catalyst for conversations about the Jewish tomorrow.
We refuse to see Jewish identity or Judaism as stagnant or immutable. In one space, we bring together articles no one else is running. We personalize Jewish social justice, arts, spirituality, and innovation, from true tales from the frontlines of social change, to living with mental illness and depression to leaving the ultra-Orthodox community, why climate change is bad for the Jews to what it means to pray with our legs -- and lips. 
Zeek -- the oldest online Jewish magazine -- has won awards, and catalyzed game-changing conversations. Now, we need your help. To advance our vision, we're laying the groundwork for a strong, sustainable 2014. We'll stay scrappy and fearless. And we'll keep our content free. We need you."

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