dé·noue·ment by Doni Silver Simons

Dé·noue·ment (n.), a solo exhibit,  features two seminal bodies of work by artist Doni Silver Simons. Featured in the main gallery are three totemic works based on the classic fairytale Rumpelstiltskin. Titled Homage to a Fairy Tale, this work parallels the lyrical facets of storytelling with the residue produced by Silver Simons' durational performances. 
Shulamit Gallery, 17 North Venice Boulevard, Venice, California 90291
Opening Event: Thursday, March 21, 6-9pm
March 19 - May 23, 2013.

dé·noue·ment (n.) the outcome of a sequence of events - Origin: Old French, meaning untying

Dénouement, originating from old French, meaning to untie or undo, relates to Silver Simons' dramatic deconstructs of her primary medium: the canvas.In a dramatic gesture, she unravels her artwork much like the miller's daughter in the classic tale. The cloistered nature of the miller's daughter resonated deeply with Silver Simons, as a similar quest to that of the modernist ideal of the artist tucked away in the atelier -- oscillating between revelation and creation. The second body of work on display is from Silver Simons' recent Caesura series. The term caesura refers to the breath of air inhaled before the reading of a line of poetry. Here, the artist alludes to the primordial narrative of creation: breath, life, and water. Each melodic painting in the Caesura series references the California coastline, the ocean and the tides. Embedded in layers of paint are references to the tide schedule, the lunar calendar and waves crashing against the sandy shore.

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17 North Venice Boulevard
Venice, California 90291

Gallery Hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and by appointment

Doni Silver Simons earned her Bachelor of Studio Arts degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and holds a Master of Fine Arts from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Silver Simons' work has been shown in museums and galleries in the United States, Europe and Israel, and her pieces are included in many private and public collections. She recently showed at the the Museum of Art, Ein Harod, Israel; the Wolfson Museum, Jerusalem, Israel; the Pacific Standard Time exhibition Breaking in Two, and her documentary film Omer 5769 premiered at the 22nd-annual Washington D.C. Jewish Film Festival in 2011. Silver Simons explores the marking of time, identity, and memory across multiple mediums.

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