Allen Ginsberg in Moran Haynal's Haggadah

Haynal - Ginsberg
What has the "Howl" of Allen Ginsberg to do with the Haggadah? Much more than you would think. In Moran Haynal's opinion, the Haggadah is not just an old book with an old story; it adresses each generations. Haynal's goal was to update the illustrations, so that it is not a book we read out of duty, but because it has a message for today´s people.

The Psalm: "Blessed art Thou....Rejoicing in the upbuilding of Thy city, and in happiness in Thy service...." - with Allen Ginsberg.

The Janusz Korczak Academy in Munich, Germany, will feature the exhibition of Haynal's Passover Haggadah, designed, illustrated and calligraphed on 105 pages. 

Haynal - Herzl
"How abundant are the favors the Omnipresent One has bestowed upon us... "with Theodor Herzl (the father of Zionism).

Haynal - Hundertwasser

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