Robin Atlas' Lashon Hara Exhibit

The prohibitions of lashon hara are among the most fundamental and oft-overlooked tenets of Halacic law. Eminent rabbinical scholars have discussed, written and codified what is and what is not proper speech. This body of work explores the progeny of the seeds of lashon hara and their impact on the spiritual realm and the physical universe.  

The 20 images Robin Atlas created for this exhibit are made with hand tinted collaged fabric which has been deconstructed and incorporates embroidery, machine stitching, bits of paper, paint, trim, and beadwork.

July 9 through August 13

One Federation Way, Irvine, CA  92603
Tel: 949 435-3400. Gallery Hours: M-F 8:30 - 5, Sat. 9 - 5, Sun. 9 - 6

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