Jewish Women Artists – Commentators on Contemporary Jewish Life

The Chosen (detail 1), by Ariel Schrag
By Jacob Mezrahi

Everybody reads comics. From the New York Times to the Post there is hardly any periodical published that doesn’t sometimes feature a cartoon or comic; some kind of drawn image with text to entertain or provide commentary. Even the Jewish Press. When most people think of comics they immediately think of fictional comic books that kids read or the comic strips in the daily newspapers for adults. Comics that document personal stories dealing with political themes or traditionally taboo topics did not gain recognition until they emerged as an underground movement in the late 1960s to early 1970s. Using comics to tell personal stories can have a definite advantage over books, in that they help the viewer imagine the story as it unfolds. What is particularly striking is that Jews have always played a significant role in this complex American art form.

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