Portraits of Cain: Representations of the "Others" - Conference and Exhibition

Arik Weiss "iCain"
The exhibition, opening April 17 at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, will explore how 30 Israeli artists, past and present, relate to the concept of the “mark of Cain” (stigma) and broader contexts, starting with the biblical story and its versions in the Jewish midrash, Christian and Muslim texts, to the image of Cain as a Pre-Figuration of the Wandering Jew to contemporary representations of the "marked people" for gender, religion, race, nationality, professional association and so on. Ken Goldman, Natan Nuchi and Arik Weiss are some of the artists in the exhibit.

Ken Goldman "Horn Tefillin"

Portraits of Cain: Representations of 'Others': A two day interdisciplinary conference will take place on April 17th in the W.A. Minkoff Senate Hall at BGU and on April 18th in the Auditorium of the Open Museum in Omer.  

Ken Goldman "Innocent"
The conference will deal with different aspects of the subject of the exhibition.  The conference will be dedicated to the memory of social psychologist Professor Dan Bar-On. The second part of the conference will relate to the exhibitions "Haim Maor: They are Me" and “Ahmad Kna’an: Sculptures" which will be displayed at the Open Museum in Omer. 

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