David Wander's Wolloch Haggadah: Lithographs of a Modern Day Exodus

Opening Reception Tuesday, April 3, 2012, 6 - 8 pm
Free and open to the public.
The Rubin-Frankel Gallery 
The Florence & Chafetz Hillel House at Boston University  
213 Bay State Road |Boston, MA 02215 

The exhibit will be open during Passover and on the day of remembrance of the Holocaust, Yom Ha'Shoa.  The deeply expressive images illustrate the relatively recent calamity of the Holocaust, juxtaposing the original texts of the Haggadah that articulate Israel's prior enslavement.  Previously, The Wolloch Haggadah collection was featured at Duke University and by New York Times. The collection honors the remembrance of past hardships and evokes thoughts of a hopeful and just future.
 About the Haggadah, Richard McBee describes it as "...a tale of transformations shown through a visual translation of the traditional text.  Just as the bread of affliction becomes the matzah of freedom, so too, in his images, the tattered yellow star, a badge of shame, becomes the Israeli flag of pride.  All of our treasured sons become treasured books.  And just as our imperative to remember our Egyptian bondage and the eventual redemption, so too we must remember the horrors and degradation of the Holocaust and see in the creation of the state of Israel its redemption.   It is therefore entirely fitting that the title page of the Holocaust Haggadah contains this quotation from the Baal Shem Tov'Forgetfulness leads to exile, while remembrance is the secret of redemption.'" 

Event sponsored by Boston University's Jewish Cultural Endowment and Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston. 

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