Mark Podwal's Illustrious Projects

Courtesy: Penn and Fletcher.

Irena Kubesova will give a slide lecture on the thirteenth-century Altneuschul (Old-New Synagogue), the oldest site of Prague's Jewish Town. The lecture, The Altneuschul: A Gothic Treasure, will be at the Czech Center - Bohemian National Hall 321 East 73rd Street, New York, NY. Tuesday Nov 1 at 7 PM.

A place of haunting charm and mystery, the synagogue has withstood wars and pogroms, floods and fires, and an urban clearing project at the end of the nineteenth-century that destroyed most of the ancient Jewish Quarter. Discussed will be the synagogue's unique architectural features, fascinating history and  enchanting legends.  Having endured through the ages, the Altneuschul continues not only as the oldest extant synagogue in Europe but also as a testament to the perseverance of Prague's illustrious Jewish Community.

Irena Kubesova was born in Prague and graduated from Charles University where she majored in Jewish Studies. Since 1996, she has been a lecturer and guide for Prague's Jewish Museum and the Jewish Education and Culture Center.

MARK PODWAL will give a slide lecture RECREATING THE GOLEM; FROM PRAGUE TO THE SIMPSONS at the Czech Center - Bohemian National Hall 321 East 73rd Street, New York, NY. Tuesday Nov 8 at 7 PM. The talk is in conjunction with the new textiles Podwal is designing for the Altneuschul. Torah mantle cover shown above - Courtesy: Penn and Fletcher.

More news:

Podwal is completing the illustrations for the CCAR's new Reform Haggadah for Passover 2012.

The Metropolitan Museum commissioned Podwal’s Hanukkah card, which just was published.

The Metropolitan Opera just published its first Jewish note card for which they commissioned Mark Podwal.

The Metropolitan Opera just published his limited edition giclee print for its fall production of NABUCCO.
Image shown on the left.

Production has begun on Podwal’s embroidered textiles for Prague's Altneuschul. These include a Torah curtain, three Torah mantles, covers for the Shulchan and Amud and a decorative pillow.

Pictured at the top of this post is a sample test for one of the new Altneuschul Torah covers. The flag attached to the lamed is the 16th century Maisel flag of Prague's Jewish Community, a replica of which is in the Altneuschul. The two Hebrew letters are abbreviations, which stand for Holiness to the Lord and are based on letters from the 16th century Prague Haggadah.  

Yeshiva University Museum intends to exhibit the textiles before they leave for Prague. Tentative opening is November 20.

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  1. Wonderful, mazal tov, I look forward to his lecture, Shoshannah Brombacher. I also did a lot about Prague, Mark, contact me please.
    Have a shanah tovah!