Artists Beit Midrash Thrives At Skirball

The Skirball Center for Adult Jewish Learning offers 2 unique study groups: a beit midrash (“house of study”) for artists and a second one for writers. Having attended the Skirball program myself 5 years ago, I was drawn specifically to its visual aspect—students explore Jewish sources and create new visual commentaries inspired by those texts. I finished the semester exhilarated by the learning and discussions led by Rabbi Leon Morris, who co-founded the program 9 years ago with Tobi Kahn. This year Rabbi Lewis S. Warshauer and Tobi Kahn led the courses.

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  1. This was truly a feast for the eyes and delight to the ears as we explored the artwork through the artist eyes and listened to short stories of the writers - love this offering of Skirball.

  2. Last year I was so moved by the writers; Shelly Fredman does a terrific job. Unfortunately this time I did not get there early enough and I missed that part of the event.