Yeshiva Art

By Richard McBee in the Jewish Press

Drisha Arts Fellows Explore Shabbat

Who would have guessed that a yeshiva would have an Arts Program?  If I had died and gone to heaven, surely the World to Come would look like this.  And yet for seven years, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan the liberal women's learning program (i.e. yeshiva), Drisha Institute for Jewish Education, has had an Arts Fellowship program that offers a year of study (in addition to their regular yeshiva courses like Talmud, Halacha, Parshanut, Biblical Hebrew and Liturgy) where Torah subjects and the arts are combined and pursued with the seriousness and determination of most men sitting and learning all day long.  And it's for women only.

The first question an artist friend of mine asked; "Why isn't there a similar program for men?"

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