Annual Jewish Book Arts Award

The Isaac Anolic Memorial Annual Jewish Book Arts Award is now taking applications.

A sum of $1,500 will be awarded towards the creation of a unique work of art in the field of Jewish book arts. All active artists who have exhibited within the last five years are eligible to apply. Student artists are not eligible.

Book Arts refers to works of art that originate from a relationship to the book form, ranging from scrolls, accordion-style, illuminated manuscripts, graphic novels or hand-bound printed sheets, as well as hand-made paper, newspapers, comics, ephemera, deconstructed books, photographs, etc.

Jewish Book Arts refers to a work that relates in some way to the greater world of Jewish writings, religion, Jewish thought, history or culture and how words appear in the Jewish tradition. Possible reference points could include: Prayer books, the mezuzah, the ketubbah, Jewish history, sacred texts, the haggadah, etc.

Application process: All submissions are to be done on-line and should be sent to and

*Five examples of current work in JPEG format  
Please label each JPEG as follows: Last name_First name _ Image# (example: Doe_Jane_#1)
The size of your JPEG files should be as follows:  1024 pixels on its longest side and no larger than 3MB each.
*An image list identifying each work with the image#, title, date, medium and dimensions – as above. You may also include any other relevant information here (ex: Was the work exhibited? Did it win an award? Is it a unique work or is it editioned?, etc.)
*A one-page proposal expressing your vision/intentions for the work that will be supported by the award.
Your proposal should address the following:
The medium and/or format you will use; how your project relates to Judaism; your expected outcome; how the award will help you realize your vision or goal.
*A professional resume/CV of no more than two pages
* Website address if applicable.

Work in all media may be submitted with your application. Upon receiving the Isaac Anolic Jewish Book Arts Award the awardee will receive $1,200. The project must be completed within a year of receiving the award. At the end of the award year the artist will provide a brief artist’s statement (no more than 500 words) and visual documentation of the project; the final $300 will be released at that time. The family also stipulates that the Isaac Anolic Annual Jewish Book Arts Award must be credited in any exhibition or publication of the completed project. The art work that receives the award remains the property of the artist and does not become the property of the Isaac Anolic Award.

SUBMISSION DATE: June 1, 2015. The award will be announced in September, 2015.
AWARD ADMINISTRATOR: Rita Rosen Poley (215) 901-2656

For more information about the Anolic Family Awards:


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