Spiritual Defense - Exploring the power of Mitzvot and positive action in the defense of Israel.

David Orlansky
Israel 3
Creative Soul Gallery
386 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Opening Reception Monday, September 8 at 8pm 

Gallery hours: September 8 - October 5, Sunday – Thursday 10 – 3:30.

Curators: Rabbi Yitzchok Moully for The Creative Soul, and Elyssa Wortzman for the Jewish Art Salon.

As the war raged on in Gaza this summer many Jews from around the world asked themselves ‘what can I do to help people in the Land of Israel’. There was an outpouring of love and support from many with demonstrations, food drives for the IDF, donations and much more. In addition to the need of the IDF to do its job keeping the people safe, what else can we do?

The Creative Soul Gallery is hosting a group art exhibit titled ‘Spiritual Defense’. The show aims to engage the audience in a dialogue on the ways in which the Jewish community throughout the world can stand together with their brothers and sisters in Israel through the power of Mitzvot.

Batya Kuncman - Leahava
Opening reception is scheduled for Monday, September 8 at 8pm at the Creative Soul Gallery, 386 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn NY. The wine & Cheese reception is open to the public and sponsored by Natural & Kosher Cheese

The Torah states that the true protection of Jews everywhere and in the land of Israel, is a result of the fulfillment of the Mitzvot. “If you go in my statues…and I will grant peace in the Land, and you will sleep (peacefully) and no one will frighten you” (Leviticus 26;3-6)
It doesn’t matter how many Mitzvot one has done until now, or how one identifies Jewish-ly, each Mitzvah brings protection for the Jewish people in Israel and worldwide.
Our positive actions/Mitzvot  create spiritual defense for Israel!
Lynn Russell - Thanks Leah

The show will feature works by Alyse Radenovic, Batya Kuncman, Bonnie Kozek, David Baruch Wolk, Dovid Orlansky, E. Rosen, Elyssa Wortzman, Hila Ben Itzhak, Leah Raab, LNM, Lynn Russell, Mushkie Silman, Natalia Kadish, Rivka Nehorai and Yitzchok Moully. 

For more information visit www.TheCreativeSoul.org or call 908 448 1417

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