Sh'ma Journal features Yehudis Barmatz

Forest of Bondage
The Sh'ma Journal, an "independent think tank" of Jewish ideas features images this month on the topic of "seeking". These works by Israeli artist Yehudis Barmatz-Harris reflect her philosophy and approach to the arts; her belief in the creative arts process as providing confidence, healing, soul searching and reflection. See the online gallery here.

The image above, “Forest of Bondage”, is a digital photograph of bronze-cast ropes and acrylic painting. The journey from deterioration to blossoming, the unconditional ties heavenward, do they keep us grounded and connected or do we feel stuck and burdened?

“Like the Ram Pants by the Waters so my Soul Pants for You”  is based on a quote from Psalms on the soul’s yearning that drives us to “seek.”  Recycled Materials taken from tea lights and candle wax of Saturday night meals when our souls are seeking to replace the Sabbath soul with “something.”
Read more about Barmatz's work here.
As we approach Elul, the month prior to Rosh Hashanah, we begin to think about the chaggim, engage in "cheshbon hanefesh," the accounting of our soul, the self-measuring of our lives over the past year. To share some of that "accounting," Sh'ma bloggers reflect on and write about any holiday text, liturgy, or reading that most disturbed or resonated with them.
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