Arie Galles' Fourteen Stations

Arie Galles - Babi Yar
Charcoal and white Conté.
“Fourteen Stations/Hey Yud Dalet”, a suite of Holocaust drawings by Arie Galles, refers to the "Fourteen Stations of the Cross", and to the fact that each concentration camp was established near a railroad station. 

The series is on exhibit till the end of August at the Stefan Szydlowski Gallery, Warsaw, Poland.

The Hebrew title "Hey Yud Dalet," the acronym of "Hashem Yinkom Damam," “May God avenge their blood,” has been carved into the gravestones of Jewish martyrs throughout the centuries. Within each drawing Galles hand lettered and embedded one fourteenth of the Kaddish. Interwoven into the texture of each drawing, these Aramaic and Hebrew phrases are invisible. The full suite of drawings completes the Kaddish, offering the prayer for those who perished and had no family to recite it for them.  
View the work here.

One can navigate the site by either clicking on the images, or by using the arrows R-L or U-D to see the works and enlargements of the Poem/Drawings, his hand-lettered pieces of Jerome Rothenberg’s poems written for this suite. Once one has the drawing up full-page, one can click the purplish icon on the bottom-right of the image to get an greatly enlarged view of the drawing.

Arie Galles - Sobibor. Station 12.
47½" by 75" Drawing in charcoal and white Conté accompanied 47½" by 15" hand-lettered poem.

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