Sh'ma Journal's Self at the Center

Joan Roth Selfie with
The Sh'ma Journal: A Journal of Jewish Ideas features 4 Jewish Art Salon members in their May 2014 issue.

Joan Roth is in conversation with Shulamit Seidler-Feller in Self-portrait or Selfie: a conversation here.

Yona Verwer along with fellow artists Basya Schechter, a musician and S. Bear Bergman, a storyteller, reflects on how and how much she inserts her own personal story into her work in The Self and Creativity. 

Answering our call for art, Gidon Levin is showing his "Photographing the Soldier Self". The other artist in the online gallery exhibit is Susan Turner with "Susan Turner and the Self". Both on view here.

Yona Verwer - Stanton St. Shul Elul

Gidon Levin - Finger

Susan Turner - Child as the Letter "Shin"

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