Omer Boxes by Mindy Seidlin

Seidlin - Omer Box
The Omer, the period of Forty-nine days that begins the second day of Passover and ends on Shavuot, is in essence a non-holiday in the Jewish calendar, an in-between time.  As such it represents the time when work gets done and we engage with the world.  It has been interpreted to have mystical significance but  this seems to be superimposed on its more direct meaning. 

Mindy Seidlin's images to the left and below represent a subset of the 49 boxes that were made, one per day of the Omer in 2013. Each piece begins with a small box which was handled differently each day, much as we much handle the contents of each day that we experience. Some reflect experiences of a particular day, or items that were encountered on that day, or the number in the sequence. Ultimately, both the holiday and this series reflect the importance of encountering each day individually. More work by Seidlin here.

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