Call for Art: Jewish-themed Comic book/Graphic Novel

The Jewish Art Salon has been invited to exhibit at the UJA-NY Federation  


      Exhibit Location
      The UJA Gallery at the 7th floor, 130 East 59th       Street, New York, NY 10022

Exhibit curator: Joel Silverstein.
Co-curator: Richard McBee.

Joel's current exhibit of his own paintings inspired by comic books, 
Superheroes, Autobiography & Religionis on view till June 8 at Pratt Institute's Hadas Gallery, Brooklyn NY.

UJA Exhibit Dates: Opening Reception September 2014; exact dates TBD. On view for at least 1 month.

Theme: Jewish-themed graphic novels / comic book art, or fine art inspired by these.

Eligible artworks:
  • 2-Dimensional art works 
  • Ready to hang: wire or hook in the back. Works on unstretched canvas may be displayed hanging with clips. UJA not responsible for marks left by clips.
  • Works on paper: these should be framed; if you choose to display them unframed, hanging from clips, the UJA is not responsible for any damage or for the marks that the clips may leave on your work.
  • Maximum size: height - 4 feet, width - approx. 6 feet. 
  • The gallery is one very long wall. To see images of the gallery and our Dura Europos Project there, view Facebook album here.
Selected artists are responsible for the transportation / mailing of their work to and from the UJA. The work will be insured while on the UJA premises.

Note: Although some artists have sold work at the UJA, it is not a venue geared towards sales.

Eligible artists: Those who applied for membership in the Jewish Art Salon. In addition we may invite a few guest artists by invitation only. Do not send us submissions if you did not apply for membership by May 27.
The curators will select the artists and works. Artists will be notified no later than July.

How to apply - TWO Step Process:

  • Fill out online form here
  • Email 1-5 jpgs to
  • Please keep each jpg under 500 kb, if you can. Submissions with images over 1 MB will be rejected.  
  • Save the images with your last name & title of work, or abbreviated title) (e.g. schwartz_superwoman.jpg). 
  • In subject line: "UJA "
  • In the email body (not an attachment) give the following info:
  1. Title of work
  2. Medium
  3. Dimensions
  4. Year
  5. Optional: short description of the work. 
    No need to send cv, price list or such; accepted artists will be invited to submit more info.
Deadline: May 28

Please make sure to do both steps 1 and 2. Due to time constraints we will not be able to double-check submissions. Those that skipped one of the two steps will be rejected.

Questions? Email NOT jasimages18@gmail

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