Soft habitable Mother sculptures by Mirta Kupferminc

Exhibit opens April 24, 7 PM at the 14 St Y in New York.

Mother: Martyr at the LABA: House of Study, is a salon-style evening of theater, dance and art inspired by ancient Jewish texts.

The Mother sculptures were originated by Kupferminc's fellowship at LABA, a non-religious house of study and culture laboratory at the 14th St. Y. Through the program, artists partake in a yearlong study of Jewish texts and incorporate these ancient ideas into their contemporary work. The curators are Ronit Muskatblit and Elissa Strauss; teaching by Ruby Namdar.

"... Mirta approaches that mother from different aspects, seeking to highlight the multifaceted roles, especially emphasizing her individuality as a woman but also as a collective and even a mythological aspect. Mirta chooses to work loyal to her style where prevails the eclectic and the breakdown of structures and aesthetic formalities. …" María Carolina Baulo, Licenciada en Artes, Facultad de Filosofía y tetras.
"... The midrash in which Eve has intercourse with the Snake takes up versions of other myths, using some words from the original text to question the sexuality of women. Several cultures, not just Judaism, see in the Serpent the ultimate carnal danger for women. Not the danger of dying, but of lying down with the snake and experiencing a mysterious pleasure. …" Tova Shvartzman, Psychoanalyst and Professor of Jewish History.

The Theater at the 14th Street Y
344 East 14th Street New York, NY 10003

April 24, 7 PM
T: 646.395.4322

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