Miriam Stern in the HaLapid Journal

The Fall/Winter 2013/2014 issue of HaLapid, the Journal of the Society for Crypto-Judiac Studies, features Miriam Stern's art on the cover and in various reproductions

In May 2013 Stern visited Portugal on a Jewish heritage tour. It was the first time she was introduced to the history of the Inquisition in Portugal. When she returned home she began creating digital art using photographs she took on her trip.
The title of the cover piece is called “Ushpizin” for the image in the center that was used as a decoration in a Sukkah for the Festival of Booths. Stern incorporated documents signed by the Inquisitor with other historical and decorative elements.
Through these pieces she commemorates the bravery and commitment of these Jews who risked everything to remain Jews.

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