Studio Gruss' Ark at 92 St Y's Alternative High Holiday Services

Ark by Studio Gruss
Religion is a powerful catalyst for craftsmanship. The studio of artists Lorelei and Alex Gruss has been creating high end Judaic pieces, sanctuary interiors and synagogue furniture for over twenty-five years. Answering the Jewish Art Salon's Call for Art, they generously created a highly original one-of-a-kind Torah Ark to be used throughout the 92 St Y's alternative "downtown" High Holiday services  in Brooklyn with Rabbi Dan Ain and the Sway Machinery's Jeremiah Lockwood

Black and white squares and circles are cut out in wood to create a modern curtain. An apple tree branch cut from the artists Brooklyn front yard decorates the top of the ark.

Alongside Rabbi Dan's Torah teaching and preaching (on how we observe our world and how the world observes us), singer/guitarist Lockwood will lead worship that is part old-world Ashkenazi High Holy Day wailing and part Delta Blues.

This year, they'll be joined on keyboard and accordion by Shoko Nagai (Songs of Zebulon) and the explosive drummer John Bollinger (Barbez) with additional special guests TBA.

Gruss' work has been recognized through award publications and exhibitions in some of the finest museums. Among some of their New York City projects is the design of the Brooklyn Heights Synagogue sanctuary and the making of many elegant pieces of furniture for different Manhattan synagogues.

According to Gruss: "I'd like to establish a strong relationship with Rabbi Dan and his community. I hope our work will add to the festive atmosphere and also
encourage the congregation to visit our studio, explore our website at and keep in touch through our Studio Gruss Facebook

Lorelei and Alex are also involved in creating urban art and jewelry pieces.
Studio Gruss' goal is making beautiful works of art that are practical and
also highly spiritual, in order to captivate the hearts and minds of those
present at synagogue services.

"A synagogue is a place of meditation," says Mr. Gruss. "Our duty as
artists is to transport you through our art to an imaginary place where the
soul reigns, and nothing else matters."

More info on the services here.

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