Collaboration with Jewish High School Poetry Competition

The Jewish Art Salon is collaborating with the Jewish High School Poetry Competition, organized by Aaron Rollerprevious editor of Mima'amakim, an intercollegiate Jewish poetry journal

The Poetry Competition has been Roller's way of bringing a greater involvement with the arts to Jewish high schools. The program brings Jewish schools together for a live slam like poetry competition with traditional poetic forms and a Jewish theme. The program has given Jewish students an opportunity to write, perform and meet other students with similar interests and it has unleashed a flood of talent. 

Click here to see the article in Tablet Magazine. 

This project will now add a visual art component. We are looking for art images and for prospective guest judges. 

Rambam Mesivta, on Long Island, NY, is currently scheduling the kickoff event for this school year during the week of October 21st (exact date TBD). For this event, the school will ask students to write a poem in response to a piece of visual media of their choice, which would be projected during each student's performance. Each student will choose a piece to respond to in poetic form.

How to:
  • Submit up to 3 jpgs, 72 dpi, between 100 & 600 kb. Save file with your last name (&title, if you wish), e.g. smith_exodus.jpg
  • The art needs to have a Jewish theme; abstraction is fine.
  • You may add your name and title of work in a text box at the bottom of the image; if your work is amongst the chosen ones, this info will be visible to the spectators. 
  • Deadline August 27th.
  • Email to Subject line: "Poetry Project"

The Poetry Competition invites one or two guest judges (poets, professors or journalists) to help judge the students' work (there are usually four or five winners in different categories). Guests judges are invited to come speak to the students about working as a Jewish artist.

The guest would need to help judge but need not be a professional writer; an enthusiastic and careful reader will do just fine. Jurying will take place in the afternoon, exact date TBD, during the week of Oct. 21, in Lawrence, NY. In the past, the hosting schools have helped pay for judges' transportation and attendees have all left being extremely inspired and excited.

If interested in being a judge please email with subject line "Judge Poetry".

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