The Road to Freedom Wine Glass by Dovid Orlansky

In the artist's own words:

"The four cups of wine we drink at the seder are representative of the levels of freedom provided for us during the exodus. These glasses serve as an aesthetic reminder of our road to freedom. 

The deep groove cut unevenly into and around the glass is reminiscent of the ups and downs of the winding path from slavery to exodus. 

As with many events in life, 

hardship creates some of the maturity of our souls and finer elements of a personality. It is on the path to exodus that we prove our worthiness of it. Wine is a central theme in celebration of triumph in Judaism. Representing this triumph; in this design, the character of the wine is enhanced when poured on the very line that represents the oft difficult road to freedom. The flavor of the wine is brought out through the aeration process as the groove inside the glass disperses the wine, oxygenating it further. The triumph is that much sweeter when we have worked for it, and here the road to freedom is the same object which beneath the surface enhances the flavor of the wine."

Dovid Orlansky is an abstract artist, exploring expression and emotion in his work. Seeking greater levels of spirituality and incorporating Torah and prayer into his work as inspiration for all is his goal. Jewish themes and mantras, as well as various concepts from Tanach are found in his art, encouraging contemplation of life’s mission, attainment of spirituality and positive drives for humanity. He lives in Brooklyn and works as an artist and musician.

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