Exodus Conversations - Interfaith Online Haggadah

Deborah Ugoretz

How the Story of the Exodus Speaks to Jews, Christians, and Muslims: An Interfaith Commentary and Passover Haggadah. 

A new online Hagaddah entitled www.exodusconversations.org has been launched. It was developed and conceived by Ruth Abram, the founder of the Tenement Museum, New York.

This Hagaddah brings together Jewish, Muslim and Christian commentary and provides an open forum for your personal reflections about Passover. 

Several art works by Deborah Ugoretz and Avner Moriah are included in the Hagaddah.

Avner Moriah

Published on the web, Exodus Conversationsis intended to encourage an international dialogue. It features side by side presentations of the story of the Exodus as presented in the Qur’an and in the Book of Exodus. This is augmented by the traditional Passover service with a notable difference. At sixteen junctures, three scholars — a Jew, a Christian and a Muslim discuss issues which arise from the text. The scholars are not and could not speak on behalf of their faith communities. Rather, they are offering their individual responses based on their experiences within those communities.

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