Works on (with) Paper, with Robert Kirschbaum

Robert Kirschbaum
511 Projects features the exhibition, Works on (with) Paper - drawings, etchings, screenprints, monoprints, watercolor paintings, digital prints, and book art by fifteen artists - emerging, mid-career, and established - whose work represents not only a full range of drawing instruments but also varied approaches to consideration of the basic support of the artwork itself (paper). Many of the works on view in the show illustrate a newly informed usage of paper as an important and active part of the art object: paper is seen as equal to any implement used in the making of the work.

511 Gallery, 252 Seventh Avenue Suite 12-J, New York, NY
December 5, 2012 - January 31, 2013.  Monday - Friday, 11 AM - 6PM 

Made over sixty years after Crawford's Precisionist painting, print and book artist Robert Kirschbaum's Squaring the Mount (1997-98, line etching and softground) resolves a similar challenge of how to transform a volumetric physical space - the irregular quadrilateral plan of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem - into an architectural abstraction, a line drawing that can carry both the meaning of the real sacred space that exists off the paper and the geometric creation of space that fuses the shape of the squaring of the Mount with the shape of the rectangular paper on which it is "squared." Like Crawford's Mast, Kirschbaum's Mount uses the paper as more than mere "support." It is a complicitous agent in the creation of the image and its meaning beyond itself.
The artists whose work is included in Works on (with) Paper are: Allen Blagden; Ralston Crawford; Robert Kirschbaum; Leslie Lerner; Caitlin Masley; Joanna McClure; Jennifer Odem; Lesley Punton; Ross Racine; Susanne Ramsenthaler; Mary Reilly; Larry Rivers; Alex Schuchard; and Viviane Silvera.

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