We Are Patriarchs Exhibit by Elke Reva Sudin

Curated by Joshua H. Stulman

Opening Reception: Sunday, January 13, 4:30-7pm. Artist Lecture: Wednesday, February 06, 7pm

Hadas Gallery
541 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Hadas Gallery proudly presents the world premiere of We Are Patriarchs, the new painting series from Elke Reva Sudin, acclaimed creator of Hipsters and Hassids.

We are Patriarchs evokes the legacy of Biblical characters and archetypes drawing them into the 21st Century with contemporary oil portraits that suggest classical European master painters by way of Anglo-Japanese Japonisme, and graffiti street art. These 15 works display the multi-cultural melting pot of global Jewry from award winning gourmet chefs to renowned world musicians, bloggers, converts, Rabbis, and tattooed heroines all equally featured. Each is a representation of a prominent figure from the Hebrew tradition, leaders in their time who continue to inspire. Full info on Sudin's site

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