John Bradford's Selected Biblical Subjects

Rebecca at the Well. Oil on Canvas 
The Treasure Gallery at the Interchurch Center

475 Riverside Drive at 120th Street, NYC. 

Opening Reception Dec. 13, 5-7:30 PM

Dates: December 10-January 2, 9-5 

Mr. Bradford has been exhibiting paintings of Old Testament Biblical subjects in and around New York for 35 years. He recently received an Academy Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. These works capture the beauty of the spare text of the well-known stories through a process of relentlessly reworking the paintings to allow just enough of an opening behind their taut yet complex surfaces to politely invite viewers into the multifarious, raucously contradictory space of biblical exegesis. About a 2010 exhibition of Mr. Bradford’s works at the Bowery Gallery, Roberta Smith wrote in the New York Times, “Voluptuous yet brusque and starkly minimal, his oils capture the essential human dramas of Genesis, Exodus and others with brushwork that operates somewhere between Giorgio Morandi and middle-period De Kooning.”

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