Illustrated Tanya: The Iconography of a Classic Jewish Mystical Text

By Sarah Lehat 
Huffington Post

The Tanya is a compilation of works authored by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1812) that serve as the seminal text from which the Chabad Hasidic community derives their ideology. Guiding the reader through Hasidic and Kabbalistic philosophy, the five-part tome was the first Hasidic text intended for extensive public dissemination.

Elanit Kayne, a contemporary artist residing in NYC, and a ba'alat teshuva (newly observant Jew), has evolved an iconography of the Tanya, abstracting concepts into pictograms. Kayne's extraction of key symbols into visual diagrams industriously elucidates the complex spiritual ideas described within this great masterpiece.

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