Call for Art by The Jewish Education Project

An opportunity to exhibit your work at the Manhattan space for a 12 month period beginning Chanukah 2012.

Deadline Mid November.

The Jewish Education Project has under gone a transformation over the past several years.

One of the ways we have expressed our transformation is to re-imagine what our physical space could look like, and what that space represents to the community we serve. We wanted to create a new face, one that reflects the heart, energy and the personality of our organization.
We turned to the artistic community to partner with us in this process, searching for Jewish artists whose work and energy reflects our emerging vision of a vibrant and accessible Jewish community.
We see this partnership as a great way to enhance our space in an interactive way by providing our many guests and staff members with opportunities for conversation and engagement inspired by art, as well as offering artists an opportunity to showcase their work in a midtown Manhattan space.

We are currently housing the work of talented artist Ellen Alt, and prior to her exhibition we were delighted to house the wonderful work of Tanya Fredman. (Both are members of the Jewish Art Salon)

So, what are we offering?
• An opportunity to exhibit your work at our Manhattan Space for a 12 month period beginning
Chanukah 2012.
• An evening event for you to showcase your artwork to your guests and friends, and express
your thoughts about your work to your peers and the wider Jewish community – with potential
news coverage
• An opportunity to offer your work for sale if you wish
• A potential working relationship with The Jewish Education Project - and the artist
• Publicity –including:
 a link to your site from The Jewish Education Project online forums –
 a banner in our lobby announcing the show

If you are interested in hearing more about this idea, and would like to submit your work for consideration for this initiative, please email Debbie Seiden
We would like to select the next artist by mid November.

We are looking for strong nontraditional creative art (no nudity)
Our space is a full floor office with busy staff and many visitors coming and going individuals can view the art almost any time during our office hours and with prior notice given viewing spaces can house up to about 25 -30 pieces depending on size wall space available only – we cannot accommodate free standing work
We do not carry specific insurance (for individual pieces) for art exhibitions – we do have on-site security for our floor

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