Women Call for Peace: Global Vistas

Finding Home # 51 Namaz, gouache and gold leaf on paper, 11' x 14" 2001 
Artist Siona Benjamin

Three Year Traveling Exhibit: "Women Call for Peace: Global Vistas. 

Artists: Emma Amos, Siona Benjamin, Chakaia Booker, Judy Chicago, Linda Freeman, Irene Hardwicke Olivieri, Lelia Kubba, Grace Matthews, Faith Ringgold, Aminah Robinson, Betye Saar, Flo Oy Wong, Helen Zughaib. 

Exhibit schedule:  

Art League of Bonita Springs, Bonita Springs, FL (10-1-2010 - 12-10-2010)
University of Arkansas Art Galleries, Little Rock AR (1-10-2011 - 3-24-2011)
George A Spiva Center for the Arts, Joplin, MO (7-16-2011 - 10-11-2011)
Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery Lincoln, NE (9-18-2012 - 1-13-2013)
J. Wayne Stark University Center Galleries, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX (3-9-2013 - 5-28-2013)
John Jay College of Criminal Justice New York, NY (9-15-2013 - 12-10-2013). 

Exhibition summary: Women are rarely the perpetrators of violence yet they suffer its devastating impact and share responsibility for ending violent human conflict. The thirteen distinguished artists featured in Women Call for Peace have come together to denounce violent aggression and advocate global peace through nonviolent conflict resolution. 

They share a commitment to the unique power of art and firsthand experiences to sensitize and inform audiences about these social and political issues. In this new millennium—an age that has held the promise of global interconnectedness—the penchant for conflict and need for resolution never has been more evident. Since 9/11, international terrorism has become a calculable fact of life worldwide. 

The works in this exhibition are formidable in their disavowals of violence of all kinds—personal, political, domestic, and international. Their messages are all the more compelling because they reflect a range of religious beliefs, racial identities, and personal encounters with violence. 

Women Call for Peace is curated by Lisa Farrington, Ph.D., Professor and Founding Chair of the Department of Art and Music at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York. Her honors include the William & Camille Cosby Endowed Scholar at Atlantic University/Spelman College (2008-2007) and, most recently, a Creative Capital Art Writers Grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation (2010).

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