Lecture by Manis Friedman: Finding Color in a Black & White System

The Creative Soul, a new group dedicated to bringing creativity and art to the Orthodox/Chassidic community and promoting Torah inspired art, is presenting a speech by the renowned lecturer and speaker, Rabbi  Manis Friedman titled “Finding Color in a Black & White System” taking place on Tuesday, October 16 at the 425 Kingston Ave, Creative Soul’s temporary gallery space.

The speech will question the relationship between creativity and personal expression and what appears as a more rigid and mainstream Chassidic life.
Especially geared to teens and young adults who may be struggling to find room for personal expression and individuality while adhering to the rules and doctrines of a Chassidic way of life.  

The evening will be open to everyone, with separate seating and a mechitzah adhering to Halacha letter and inspiring to enhance the spirit of Torah.
The cost is $5 Students and $10 Adults

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