Internationally acclaimed artist and musician Michael Hafftka and virtuoso cellist Valerie Kuehne will preview their upcoming album Mythological Chaos on September 6th at 8:00 PM. The concert will be held at Spectrum, 121 Ludlow Street (second floor), Manhattan, NY. Suggested donations $10.00.

Mythological Chaos will be released in September on the Six Gallery Press label (
). A preview concert will be held at Spectrum on September 6th. WKCR 89.9FM NY will broadcast a preview on the Afternoon New Music program shortly before the concert.

Hafftka and Kuehne first performed together when both joined Jandek for its performance in NYC last March. Each recognized immediately the potential power in joining the other and each was inspired by the other to create spontaneous and experimental musical improvisations. For three months they met regularly for intensive sessions of music making and recording. The result is their album Mythological Chaos.

Michael Hafftka is a visual artist and musician. Hafftka’s artwork is represented in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Carnegie Museum of Art, Housatonic Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Art, and other public collections. Hafftka played piano as a child and now plays predominantly guitar. As Defective Chords Hafftka released on the Six Gallery Press label, Deployment (2003), an instrumental duo with Adrian Morgan, Root (2007), a solo guitar, Feeding Goats (2011), an avant-garde ensemble with Arieh Scharnberg and Yonat Hafftka, A Sheltering Endless Motion (2012) with Yonat Hafftka and Victor Grinenco, and Dyad (2012) with Victor Grenenco. Hafftka is collaborating with musicians around the globe and has several projects in the works.

Valerie Kuehne is an electrically charged virtuoso of all-purpose cello. Dynamic performer, fearless improviser, songwriter, vocalist, and classically trained connoisseur of Bach and Britten, Valerie can be found playing incessant shows in NYC, where she devotes formidable heart, intellect, creativity, and time to cross-pollinating sundry genres. Armed with finesse, Valerie is impressively present on stage, rendering poignant punctuations of changeable emotional weather. In any setting, her instrument aches with human implications and fiendish alien fuel. Kuehne’s Dream Zoo (2011) is a spoof on Classical Lieder of the early 20th century, an avant-garde storytelling.

“Hafftka can be characterized as both an eccentric visionary and an increasingly dazzling technician whose virtuoso expressivity and skills invite comparison with the masters.” SAM HUNTER —  HOUSATONIC MUSEUM CATALOGUE

“Hafftka is a marvelously resourceful Neo-Expressionist in command of technique, subject matter and, most important, vision. He’s also one of the best artists to have come along in a decade, without posturing or pretense or super evident jockeying for art-world position. Hafftka is too hideously virtuous for the latter; and, if virtue is its own reward, it is also, in this case, proof of an astonishing integrity of style.” GERRIT HENRY — ART IN AMERICA

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