Leor Grady - Before You

Working with embroidery, a nod to Leor Grady's Yemeni heritage, he uses text, language and tradition to reflect its poetics of the mundane.

Opening reception September 12, 6-8pm 
360 Gallery, Northeastern University,
360 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA.

September 12 - December 5, 2012
Hours: Mon - Sat 10-7

The meditative works in the show consist of two series of threaded drawings on paper.

One, bodies of water extracted from new and old maps of the Middle East, stripped of political borders and threaded into abstract shapes.  

The other, gold threaded Hebrew text extracted from Jewish liturgy.

It also includes two small threaded letters, the 8th and the 16th letters of the Hebrew alphabet stitched in gold, intended to exemplify the guttural, Arabic-sounding formal Hebrew intonations. Muted in spoken Hebrew, these sounds are symbolic of the cultural admission price Jews from Muslim countries have to pay in order to blend in with the new Israeli culture and also conceptually of the different Israeli presence within it’s Arab region.

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