Verwer's “City Charms” exhibited at Olive Branch Music Festival

Times Square Taxi-God's Medallion
The “Olive Branch Music Festival” is a festival that features the musician diaspora in New York City. The festival is an initiative branching out to all inter-cultural crossings with artists who deeply enrich and contribute to the arts and culture in the city of New York. .

Some of the participating artists: Frank London, Guy Barash, Eyal Maoz.

Yona Verwer’s “City Charms” will be on exhibit during the event. “City Charms” is inspired by the Kabbalists who used amulets for intervening in the natural course of events. These apotropaic images aim to invoke protection against attacks and to bring good luck.

May 8 - May 21, 2012
Sixth Street Community Synagogue
Center for Jewish Art & Literacy
325 E. Sixth Street | New York, NY 10003

For centuries amulets have been used as appeals for safety, health, and power. In the Jewish tradition  amulets often carried prayers and names to call upon for assistance. They gave the bearer "personal magic" to invoke a higher power to intercede.

Since the 9/11 attack Verwer has made this her expression of Tikkun Olam. The “City Charms” images invoke protection from the Evil Eye: acts of destruction on buildings, particularly terror-watch-list targets. 

City Charms: Manhattan Bridge, C-Print

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