Bird’s Head Haggadah Revealed - Richard McBee on Marc Michael Epstein

By: Richard McBee
Published: March 29th, 2012
Bird’s Head Haggadah Revealed 
The Medieval Haggadah: Art, Narrative & Religious Imagination. 

By Marc Michael Epstein, Yale University Press, New Haven and London 2011

McBee-033012-FrontPgThe Dura Europos synagogue murals (245 CE) evidenced the first great flowering of Jewish visual creativity, quickly followed by the creation of at least 17 synagogue mosaic floors in Palestine. The next efflorescence of Jewish art was found in illuminated manuscript production in Spain and Germany over 600 years later. In The Medieval Haggadah: Art, Narrative & Religious Imagination (2011), Marc Michael Epstein explores four seminal medieval Haggadot as paradigms of the creative relationship between sacred text and the Jewish visual imagination. 

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