Open Call for Submissions by Sh'ma Journal

Sh’ma is now accepting submissions for its inaugural online art show in May, which will be hosted on its website,

Each month, Sh’ma will curate a selection of visual and interactive art that best expresses the journal’s monthly theme. This mutually beneficial endeavor will help Sh’ma expand its online content, while giving Jewish artists an opportunity to showcase their talents and increase their exposure.

We are looking for unique perspectives on the given theme that manifest themselves in unusual ways. In keeping with Sh’ma’s mission to challenge its viewers and elevate the level of discourse, works should push the envelope in terms of message, content and medium. Works can be edgy and provocative, but should not be sensationalist for the sake of being sensationalist (unless that is the message).

The topic for May is “The Changing Notion of Torah” and will explore:

•       What does it mean to learn Torah—and what are the non-textual ways of doing so?
•       How do you continuously find for yourself a teacher?
•       How are you in conversation with the Torah?
•       Reuven Hammer’s new book, The Torah Revolution
•       Is Torah central to your life? If so, how?
•       Are the Ten Commandments overly emphasized? What about the remaining 603 commandments outlined in the Torah?
•       What is your “Torah” today? —text, principles, beliefs, and what is your “Sinai” or place of engagement?

To submit your works, please send a link or JPGs to Robert Saferstein at With your submission, please include a bio, an artist statement and how your submission fits the theme. Please submit a maximum of 3 pieces. All submissions must be received by March 10th, 2012.

Founded in 1970 by theologian Eugene Borowitz, Sh’ma is a print and online journal where the best thinkers and artists in Judaism come together to share ideas.  “If we could learn to listen to one another,” Borowitz wrote at the time, “particularly when we are in fundamental disagreement, we might thereby give a sign of how society can become community.” Today, Sh’ma remains fiercely dedicated to pluralism, bringing a multitude of perspectives together each month around a single theme in print and online. Our goal is not merely to inform, but to challenge readers with new ideas and garner deep conversations.

Fine Print: All work must be submitted by the copyright holder or by permission of the copyright holder. By submitting your work, you are giving permission to publish it in print and/or display it on this web site. Each selected work will be accompanied by all credit information. Please be accurate when sending in your information.

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