Jewish Arts Week by the American Guild of Judaic Art

The American Guild of Judaic Art, an international not-for-profit membership organization for those with interests in the Judaic arts, sponsors and promotes an annual calendar of events celebrating the rich diversity and quality of Judaic art for synagogues, community centers, museums, schools, galleries and libraries.  Entitled “Jewish Arts Week”, this year’s upcoming designated week is March 16-22, 2012/22-28 Adar 5772.

The week corresponds with the Torah reading of Parshat Vayakhel from Exodus: 35:1-38:20 where the first Jewish artisan, Bezalel, is introduced with descriptions of his designs to build the Mishkan (the Tabernacle).  Because the Jewish calendar is a lunar based one, Jewish Arts Week’s date changes from year to year.

Activities and exhibitions relating to and showcasing Jewish art taking place by others during or around this special Jewish Arts Week are shared on the AGJA’s website. Those artists or  institutions who want to be included on this broad-based Jewish Arts Week calendar can visit to contact the American Guild of Judaic Art and place their announcements as a free and complimentary service of the AGJA. 

In conjunction with Jewish Arts Week, the American Guild of Judaic Art will launch their first Member Online Exhibition on March 16, 2012 on the guild’s website, highlighting  40 guild member’s work that will be available for direct commissions or purchases.

Founded in 1991, the American Guild of Judaic Art offers an educational forum and valuable resource for those who create Judaic inspired art to those curators, educators, collectors and others who appreciate the special role that Judaic art plays in enhancing the life of a community, institution or one’s home. For further information, contact  AGJA administrator,Julie Braley,  (404) 981-2308.

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