This month's Sh'ma Journal: Jews & the United Nations

This month's Sh'ma Blog has many interesting posts. Here is one of them:

A Tale of One City – With Two Songs.

By Matt Bar, Founder and Executive Director of Bible Raps.

It is said you can’t truly understand a subject until you can teach it. Consequently, I have always had difficulty teaching my students about Israel as there are so many layers to this country and its people. It’s a tight knot. I highly encourage you to closely examine this month’s Shma Journal. Each article provides insight into the politics of Israel and the UN, and for me, they made me more aware of how little I know about this subject. As far as my contribution, I’ve decided to give two distinct impressions with two songs about the same city: Jerusalem. One is of helplessness and another of empowerment. Their juxtaposition serves to highlight the complicated relationship a Jew may have with the Holy Land and its inhabitants’ relationship to history and the world stage.

Click here to hear the songs.

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