Jewish Art Salon at The Jewish Museum

Verwer introducing her "Kabbalah of Bling" series
Salon members Shoshannah Brombacher and Yona Verwer presented at the NY Jewish Museum Monday November 7.

Brombacher discussed the Dutch Sephardic Community and Verwer discussed Dutch Jewish Art Today (including her own) and the Jewish Art Salon.

Years ago the museum featured the exhibit Jewish Women and their Salons. It emphasized the role salons have played in shaping culture, by promoting art that was not shown in regular venues. Similarly the Jewish Art Salon has become a trailblazer for many Jewish artists by providing exhibition opportunities and  networking events.

"Travel U: The Jews of The Netherlands, November 7, 2011, The Jewish Museum, Photos by Alicia J.D. Cooper".

Brombacher and Verwer listening to a presenter during lunch

Display table with Brombacher's books and prints

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