Request for Proposal - for NY, NJ & CT artists only

The Hewlett-East Rockaway Jewish Centre, NY, wants to commission an art work to celebrate their new Torah dedication next year:

1. The art piece we are looking for should be designed to hang on a wall and the space available is approximately 6ft x 6ft.
2. The display should be designed to accommodate a computer screen somewhere in the middle, where we will list people who have donated various parts of the Torah each week, and also accommodate a listing of app. 21 major donors that will be on permanent display either on the side of the art work or embedded within it somehow.

3. We are open minded in regard to whether the piece is contemporary or more traditional in design and also to the materials ( wood, ceramic, metal, etc) used in the design. However, the project is to raise funds to purchase a new Torah and the theme of the art display should certainly be related to a Torah.
4. We would like to receive proposals by the end of August 2011 and are looking for a finished product by Shavuot ( May 2012) although that is flexible- it is the timeline we have established for the Torah Project itself and it would be nice to have the dedication/display available at the end of the project.
5. For local ( tri-state) artists only, since our synagogue is not in a position to pay travel expenses for potential candidates to meet with us or view the intended space for the display.
6. We are seeking something that would be in the range of $8000, (which includes cost of transportation) although that has some flexibility depending on how successful we are in our fund-raising activities.

Please email your proposal (jpgs of sketches) no later than the end of August to the 3 committee members:,,

Photos of the wall for the proposed art work (though blurred, it will give you an idea of its context):

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