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We are excited to announce:

Silent Witnesses:
Migration stories through Synagogues Transformed, Rebuilt, or Left Behind

February / March 2012 in the Metro Detroit area

Co-sponsored by the:
Cultural Heritage Artists Project
Jewish Art Salon
JWalks: Retracing Jewish Heritage

We are in the early planning stages for an artists project and exhibition on how synagogues, as community institutions, stand as witness to the social upheavals of our time.

The exhibition will be held in the greater Detroit area, during March 2012, in conjunction with the Council of American Jewish Museum Conference. The 2012 CAJM Conference is being organized by the Holocaust Memorial Center of the Metro Detroit area.
 Like many metropolitan areas in the US, Detroit has been a city of migration, What once brought people into this city, and what motivated the large population shifts of the last 50 years? What stories were left behind in these moves, and what new stories are forming now?

Similar stories, perhaps less visible, abound throughout the USA and the world. The story of Detroit is the inspiration for this exhibition, but as hands-on research is required for this project, we are open to parallel stories. 

The synagogues and communities researched for creative work might be in any city. Options include
  • former synagogues which are now churches, temples, mosques
  • continuing synagogues for migrated/changing communities
  • transformed or transplanted synagogues
  • former synagogues which are now secular structures
  • current synagogues which once served other purposes

Call for Artists, Collaborations, Community Activists

We invite artists working in all media to participate in creating an exhibition based on the Migration stories as witnessed by the Synagogues left behind, transformed, and rebuilt. Like many metropolitan areas in the US, Detroit has been a city of migration, and thus the point of inspiration is Detroit. Artists, however, may choose parallel stories in other cities.

The project is coordinated by participating artists:

For more info on this project and to fill out the questionnaire to indicate your interest go to

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