An Illustrated Saga Of The Diaspora

Renowned artist Mark Podwal recently created a stunning portfolio of 42 images for the Terezin Ghetto Museum. One of the sets will be acquired by The Bodleian Library at Oxford. 
Gloria Kestenbaum wrote about his new work: 
"Mark Podwal is once again the subject of a documentary by Czech Television. In the most recent film, the producers focused on the creative process behind the artist’s latest portfolio of works, “All This Has Come Upon Us,” a series of 42 paintings and drawings created for and displayed at the Terezin Ghetto Museum earlier this year. The works provide an illustrated history of Jewish tragedies and, according to the artist, offer “a disturbing reminder of how Europe’s extensive history of ‘Jew-Hatred’ laid the groundwork for Terezin and Auschwitz.” Continue article here 

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