Crown Heights’ Community Art Show

4th Annual Celebration of Creativity  

As the Holiday of Sukkot approaches the Creative Soul will host it’s annual community art exhibition. Unlike in previous years, the event will take place in the Creative Soul’s own space - the gallery at 386 Kingston Ave in the heart of Chassidic Brooklyn.
The exhibit starts Sunday October 12 at 8pm with an artist reception open to the whole community.

Four years ago the first exhibit came about almost by chance and was an instant success. Staying open all hours of the day and night attempting to keep pace with the dancing on the street,a nightly event in Crown Heights during the holiday of Sukkot, the show was seen by hundreds. Titled ‘Chassidim of Color’ the exhibition set out a ‘call for art’ to anyone who defined themselves as a Chassid and had creativity to share, to come hang their work in the show. 

The exhibit touched a need in the community and over the course of the year the Creative Soul was born. Dedicated to exploring and celebrating Judaism through the arts, the Creative Soul is on a mission to find the relevance of creativity in the community and to use creativity to enhance Judaism.

This year the 4th Annual Celebration of Creativity opens on Sunday October 12 at 8pm to the entire community. Everyone is invited to celebrate the diverse creativity within the Chassidic community. 
Due to the gallery’s proximity to the dancing on the street, the gallery is accessed via 486 Crown St (around the corner). 
On Tuesday October 14 the Creative Soul will host a ladies-only dance party in the gallery. With the dancing right outside for the men, the ladies and girls in the community will have a chance to dance and celebrate in their own space, right near the action.
The 4th Annual Celebration of Creativity show will be open till mid November.

For more information click here, or contact Yitzchok Moully at 908 448 1417.

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