Jewish Enviro-Artists Have the Whole World in Their Hands

... Mierle Laderman Ukeles was responding to the environment through her art way before the term “global warming” or “climate change” or “extreme weather” had any currency. But she is not alone. Artists such as Helene Aylon, Alan Sonfist, Jackie Brookner, Linda Weintraub, Shai Zakai, and the seminal eco-artists Helen and Newton Harrison paved the way for all sorts of creators to make environmental topics accessible to the public...

... Founded in 2010 by Patricia Eszter Margit, Art Kibbutz, an international Jewish artists’ colony that held its first pilot residency in Upstate New York, brings together artists to explore their Jewish heritage, while providing space to collaborate and create. “In Western civilization, art and culture are viewed as above nature,” Margit said. “But as Jews, ultimately we are partners in creation and so we have to approach the natural world not as a dominating figure, but in a gentle, loving feminine way that inspires others.”...

Read more about our members (in bold) in the full article in The Forward here.

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Images from top:

Mierle Laderman Ukeles:
Still from Penetration and Transparency: Morphed, 2001-2002,
6 channel video
part of Phase I Reconnaissance as Percent for Art Artist of Fresh Kills
New York City Department of Sanaitation 

Helene Aylon in the Earth Ambulance, which is filled with Pueblo seeds.
Creative Time: Art in the Anchorage 1992. Photo: Kevin Noble

Cynthia Beth RubinEden Forest: Waters, Mud, Branches © 2013-2014 
54" x 36". Exhibited in the Art Kibbutz exhibit The Jewish Waltz with Planet Earth.

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